Visual Studio 2015 Compatibility Issue using OpenCV3.0

[Link] Visual Studio 2015 Compatibility

 Referring to the official sites above, I might understand that VS2013 is not suitable for developing the applications on and for Windows10; it supports till Windows8.1.

 I have asked to a moderator in MS Forum how to use VS2013 on Windows10 successfully just as I did on Windows7. I followed the advice, and I failed to satisfy myself in the end.

 The problem is, my recent project was developed in {Win7+VS2013}. I have upgraded to Win10 without considering this type of compatibility issue, and now my project turns out not to run properly on {Win10+VS2015}.

 If I install VS2013 and VS2015 together in Win10, I can build a release version anyway, but it can't be run on debug-mode or it is including unexpected runtime-failure when executed outside the Visual Studio. It implies that I need to build up from the first on Windows10 with VS2015 by myself to migrate this legacy project to debug and to retarget it for Windows10. Furthermore, this does not guarantee the program to run as intended because the latest release of OpenCV only formally supports vc11 and vc12. So it implicates potential collision when employed to VS2015(vc14);the details follow; while the next release of OpenCV might be a lot later in time.

 VS 2015  == VS 14.0

 VS 2013  == VS 12.0
 VS 2012  == VS 11.0
 VS 2010  == VS 10.0

  FYI, this project depends on OpenCV3.0 and MFC.
- Programmed on Win7 with VS2013(vc12) as stated,
- You might check out this project from my Github, named "Active mass Tracing with Consensus-based matching and tracking of Computer vision"

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    2. There was a comment by 'zipzit' in OpenCV forum.
      I would stop digging this problem for a period as I am in final-term exam and followings. By the way, his project site seems cool enough. I will check it later. >> http://dogfeatherdesign.com/opencv-3-0-microsoft-visual-studio-2015-cmake-and-c/

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  3. I'm the author of that posting at dogfeatherdesign.com I saw (via google analytics) folks linking there from this site . Hope my posting helps others!

    1. Thanks for your posting. But I think I should narrow down my case first by checking the exact error messages from Windows at running the application; need more precise and concrete approach as I seem to encounter not a single case for my projects.